Flat-Roll Region: Houston

An image of flat roll steel.

Contacting the Houston Flat Roll Region:

  • Physical Address:
    9040 Railwood Drive | Suite 200
    Houston, TX 77078
  • Toll Free: 800-798-4647
  • Phone: 713-462-4647
  • Fax: 713-462-5433

Cindy Cavazos

The Superior expansion into the flat roll market is furthering our position of partnering with customers, allowing us to offer an even wider and deeper range of products. Flat roll will be stocked in three different Superior locations to service our customers, mainly concentrating on the pole market.

Inventory offering grades of A572 GR50/GR65, A871 GR65. Shipping access: Rail, water, truck.

An image showing the distribution range of the Houston, Texas flat-roll steel sales region.